I have had various breeds of dogs for over 45 years.  I didn't discover Aussies until 1992.  I wish I had   known about this wonderful breed many years earlier!  They are, in my opinion, the perfect dog.  They are small so they are easy to take with you any place.  They are extremely smart so they are easy to train.  They are a real dog...bold, in your face and not afraid of anything...dogs with attitude!  Yet, they are gentle and loving... and ready to devote their life to you as your constant companion.  Australian Terriers have truly enriched my life. 

I derive great pleasure in showing my dogs.  It is truly enjoyable to be an owner-handler.  I occasionally breed.  I am not a kennel...I do not have runs.  My dogs live in my home as an integral part of my family.  I wouldn't have it any other way!